Your trusted stunt and action partner, offering comprehensive solutions for all your action needs.

From a Single Source:

  • Consultation and Coordination: Assisting projects from idea inception to tailored offerings.
  • Protection and Realization: Prioritizing safety while bringing your vision to life.
  • Equipment Provision: Supplying cutting-edge gear for diverse stunt requirements.
  • Preparation and Training: Equipping cast and crew with requisite skills and knowledge.

With Full Commitment:

  • Body Stunts, Car Stunts, and More: Through consistent training, we implement your concepts with precision, technical accuracy, and utmost safety. For those actors wanting to perform their own stunts, we offer comprehensive training to ensure their confidence and security.

Utilizing the Latest Technology:

  • Pyrotechnics, Weapons, and Special Effects: Customize as per your script’s requirements. Whether it’s burning, flying, or explosive scenes, we’ve got you covered. We also provide training for performers to safely enact these stunts.

Explore our photo and video gallery for a sneak peek into our past projects and demonstrations.

Collaborative Approach:

Leveraging our vast network of action experts, we ensure a synchronized team, top-notch technology, and hands-on support from industry specialists. Your stunt needs are in safe hands with the Stuntteam Stuttgart.